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Ukrainian Group Demands UK Action, As Prime Minister Sunak Meets Ukraine President Zelenskiy

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

The Ukrainian Climate organization, Razom We Stand is pulling the alarm on dangerous Russian trade exemptions being proposed by the G7 as Reports in Reuters highlight that there are many gaps in the sanctions regime’

This is coming on the heels of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenski, arrival in London today for talks with UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

Reuters Reports that G7 nations have been approving many sanctions “exceptions”, and that the sanctions today “…allow all goods to be sold to Russia unless they are explicitly blacklisted.”

Director of the Ukrainian organization, Razom We Stand, Svitlana Romanko, stated that “Every British pound, every euro, every dollar, and yen, that is spent helping Russia is turned into more funding for the brutal Russian war machine that is used to attack the people of my country.

“G7 countries have been continually supporting Russia with cooperation and purchases, especially of Russian fossil fuels, but those leaders who continue this Russian support must realize that all money going to support Russia is dripping in Ukrainian blood and feeding the global energy and climate crisis. We demand a full and complete embargo of Russian gas and oil by the UK and the G7, which is transparent and enforced.”

Razom We Stand has issued a number of demands to the G7 regarding their meeting 19-21 May in Japan

According to the Group “This year, the climate crisis and the world need the G7 to act as climate leaders, not backslide on stated climate goals, and climate finance commitments and stop the expansion of fossil gas infrastructure, especially Russian LNG.

“We demand that the UK, Japan (this year’s G7 President), and all G7 nations immediately cease participation in joint ventures with Russia, particularly in Arctic LNG-2 and Sakhalin-2 LNG projects, as it compromises Japan’s commitments to protecting peace and climate. This includes the immediate cessation of imports of all Russian fossil fuels, including LNG and oil, and the termination of all business operations in Russia by Japanese companies.

The Group further noted that the protection of peace and climate requires international action to stop Russia’s Arctic LNG-2 project, including sanctions against Chinese companies participating in the project.

“As a member of the G7 nations, we urge UK and Japan to lead the transition towards clean energy by investing in cheaper and cleaner renewable energy sources and upholding the commitments taken under Glasgow Statement on International Public Support for the Clean Energy Transition, which was issued at COP26, and shifting public finance away from gas and coal to clean energy.

“We kindly ask the UK to provide investment in renewable energy infrastructure for the restoration of Ukraine’s energy sector following the principles of decentralization and transition to renewable energy sources, avoiding investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure and stopping the expansion of climate-disrupting gas projects;

“We also critically need equipment for distributed energy resources as emergency aid for Ukraine, as called for by Ukrainian municipalities and civil society. This will help to establish a reliable electricity supply for critical infrastructure facilities in 2023, promote sustainable and climate-neutral technologies, and facilitate broader participation in energy transition among municipalities, communities, businesses, and citizens, they said.

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