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RAZOM We Stand Slams Vienna’s European Gas Conference As Dirty-Dealing Fest

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

Ukrainian Clean energy group ‘Razom We Stand’ has labeled the European Gas Conference which started in Vienna yesterday as “Dirty-Dealing Fest for the Fossil Fuel Industry”.

Recalling that urgent climate recommendation were released in the UN IPCC scientific report, which called for immediate reductions of fossil fuels, including gas

Ukrainian Svitlana Romanko, Director of the Ukrainian organization Razom We Stand, stated that “To stick to its agreements, the EU climate targets can only be met with a reduction in gas demand of at least 35 percent compared with 2019 levels by 2030.

No “private’  corporate gas vanity fair festivals such as CERAweek and Gas Conference in Vienna around discussing public resources must not happen.

She further reminded that “Just to remind the fossil fuel companies, gas is not their ‘private matter’ with the ticket’s cost of 5K Euros. That’s a public resource co-owned by billions on this planet and hugely weaponised and over-profited by a few. Giving public monies to fossil fuel companies to expand gas infrastructure is a severe wrongdoing at a time when the world needs to quickly disarm away from fossil fuels. As evidence shows that long-term gas demand is falling, we must instead invest in cheaper renewable energy production, which is now booming.”

Meanwhile the UN IPCC Scientific Report stated that the radical growth in LNG gas infrastructure development called for by key European Gas Conference participants also would prevent the world from reaching the 1.5c global warming maximum as stated in the Paris Climate Agreement. Yet the greenwashing of the Gas industry, attempting to rebrand gas as “clean energy”, is a massive deception

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