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Over 1230 People Killed in Q1 2023-Report

:By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

Global Rights Nigeria, in its 1st QUARTER MASS ATROCITIES CASUALTIES TRACKING REPORT has revealed that not less than 1230 persons had been killed in Q1 of 2023 (January-March).

In its quarterly report released recently, it stated that “In the first quarter of 2023, our data showed that at least 1230 people were killed including at least 79 security personnel and over 658 abductions took place across Nigeria.

“In what has been an unfortunate trend in our data collated in the first quarter of 2023, Banditry remains the largest cause of violent deaths across the country with 29.27% (360 deaths) while an existing threat is a rise in Extra-Judicial killings and Herdsmen related killings which constitute about 10.08% and 13.65% respectively with (at least 124 and 168 deaths each).

Boko-Haram/ISWAP-related atrocities constituted 22.11% (at least 272 deaths). Political killings mostly due to the recent 2023 National Election claimed at least 7.72% constituting (at least 95 deaths). Secessionists’ violent campaign mostly in the Southeast part of the country contributed 6.75% representing (at least 83 deaths) while Cult Clashes took 4.96% (at least 61 deaths). Isolated Attacks, Mob Attacks, Armed Robbery, and Communal Clashes took the remaining 5.45% combined (at least 67 deaths).

The report in its summary indicated an alarming increase in the activities of Boko-Haram/ISWAP in recent times, Extra-Judicial killings mostly perpetrated by security personnel, and Herdsmen activities by mostly Fulani Herders.

The Report further stated that “In the first quarter of 2023, 6.42% of all lives lost to violent killings were Security Personnel numbering at least 79 security operatives killed across Nigeria while the remaining 93.58% of lives lost violently are those of Civilians numbering at least 1151 deaths.

It added that data on the brazen killings of security operatives is further divided into para-military: Police (at least 54 deaths) constituting 68.35%, NSCDC (at least 10 deaths) representing 12.66% and Military (at least 15 deaths) accounting for 18.99%. With at least 54 lives lost, Police lives lost in the first quarter of 2023 constituted the highest losses among security operatives.

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