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Nigerian Geologist, Surmounts Mount Kilimanjaro, Hoist Nigerian flag

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

Award-winning Nigerian Geologist, Abdulsalam Omuya Lukeman has successfully pioneered a geological foray to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and hoisted the Nigerian national flag on its summit.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing Mountain above sea level in the world. The mountain stands tall at a recorded 5,895 meters above sea level and 4,900 meters above its base.  

Lukeman described his adventure to the summit of Mount Kilmanjaro as “a testosterone-filled six whooping days of daring endeavor through the Marangu route,” revealing that the incursion ran through Montane, Rainforest, the Heathen Moorland, Semi-desert, Desert and afforded him a good chance to see Mawendi and Kibo craters, the Alpine desert, the rocky screes and bone-chilling arctic glacial-packed ice caps.’”

He further stated that due to altitude sickness and the sharp contrast in climate from Nigeria, the sub-zero temperature proved resistant; he was disoriented, and lost speech coordination and focus, while his limbs were completely dysfunctional and numb. According to him, “I could not afford to fail, so I relentlessly kept my eyes on the trail and my heart on the prize. In the end, I practically crawled to the point and was only barely able to, with national pride, hoist the green white green flag, to the Glory of God and the Goodwill of teaming followers.”

The successful ascent of Kilimanjaro comes to a couple of years after the Geotourist led inquisitive minds on a result-oriented adventure to the crest of Chappal Waddi – Nigeria’s highest peak, a geological adventure that arguably situates him as the first indigenous pioneer Geologist to register the staggering maiden milestone on the mountain which stands at 2,419 meters situated on the extreme eastern flank of Taraba State, on the border with the Republic of Cameroon.

According to Omuya “The essence is not just to get to the peaks of these great mountains, but to travel with an inquisitive mind and evolve new knowledge on these geological edifices of nature, adding that he documented his adventures and working on a book that will contain the findings.”

“As part of my contribution to the development of geology in Nigeria and Africa, I look forward to presenting my book of novel geological opinion to the public when I return to Nigeria, soon,” he said. 

Lukeman’s professional passion for new discoveries and creative dissemination of newfound geological knowledge inspired the founding of the popular earth science magazine, The Rock Post, where he doubles as Editor-in-Chief. This is besides anchoring the most vibrant social media geological platform in Nigeria which is growing to become a reference point for all egg heads in the sector.

Commenting, the Geotourist thanked enthusiasts who followed him on his tasking trail through daily updates. He specifically appreciated Mr. Arisekola Tunde Muritala for facilitating the realization of this noble feat.

He is at the moment rounding up his expedition with a last visit to Ngorongoro Crater. He is expected back in Nigeria next week. Over time, Nigerian Geotourist Omuya has evolved into a passionate mining sector consultant who nonetheless, creates time to indulge in a plethora of geo-tourism expeditions, mainly across Nigeria before now.

In fulfillment of his ambitious intercontinental triangular template involving his country, Nigeria; East Africa, and then Europe (Everest), he is still in Arusha, Tanzania after conquering Kilimanjaro. This success is the second leg of his global road map towards Mount Everest

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