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NGO Launches RE-Energy Communications Network in Ukraine

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

RAZOM WE STAND, a non-governmental organization, is launching the RE-Energy Communications Network.

The goal of the network is to bring together communicators, journalists, and experts, as well as officials and green businesses for joint communication campaigns to achieve freedom from global and national addiction to fossil fuels says the organization a statement by the organization revealed.

According to them, the network creates an informal and effective space for interaction and cooperation for: Prompt exchange of information between the network members and the authorities;- Conducting information campaigns on green transition in Ukrainian and international media and coordinating them;- Objective and comprehensive coverage of political decisions related to energy transformation and reconstruction of Ukraine and  Strengthening the impact through the joint use of technologies in the field of content analysis and media monitoring.

Founder and Director of Razom We Stand, Svitlana Romanko, said “Last year, more than 850 organizations from Ukraine and 60 other countries of the world, which supported the Stand With Ukraine campaign, achieved not only a significant decline in the import of Russian oil, gas, and coal but also catalyzed the clean energy revolution.

She recalled that “In 2022, the world spent the most money in history on the transition to clean electricity ($1.1 trillion), of which $495 billion went to solar and wind energy, and the EU added 41.4 GW of solar capacity, powering 12.4 million homes”

“Ukraine should become the strategic leader of this process and a magnet for green investments. Bringing this forward is the main goal of the new communication network that we are creating, she said   

She added that “The government and energy infrastructure workers are heroically restoring energy capacities to keep Ukrainians connected and supplied with electricity. But today it is important to create the conditions for the energy transition and the necessary legislative initiatives are already under wide discussion, including: net metering, direct contracts and certificates of origin for green energy.

Advocacy Manager for Green Recovery of Ukraine at Razom We Stand, Olha Yevstihnieieva opined that the potential for the development of Ukrainian renewable sources by 2050 is significant: according to various estimates, wind power and renewable gasses production can increase by about 70 times compared to 2021 levels, and solar power by about 60 times. To use these opportunities, it is important to bring together international investors, renewables associations and officials to accelerate the green transition and keep pace with Europe,”

Solar and wind are already the default options for new power-generating capacities in almost every country in the world, dominating current investments in electricity globally. But this is not enough to implement the energy transition with the speed and scale needed. According to IRENA’s conclusions, investments in solar and wind energy must be increased at least 5 times, infrastructure for expanded electrification must be built, and large-scale investments must be made in the decarbonization of the heating and transport sectors.

Campaign manager for Razom We Stand, Oleg Savytskyi states that “By 2030, the world will need to invest at least $5.7 trillion in renewables every year if we are to avoid catastrophic runaway climate change and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is five times more than in 2021.

At the same time, there are enough funds: despite the warning of the International Energy Agency, stranded investments in fossil fuel infrastructure continue. It is clear that the EU, the USA, and other democratic countries are not doing enough to get rid of their addiction to fossil fuels. We have a unique chance to change this because the rebuilding of Ukraine’s infrastructure based on energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy can become a showcase example for the whole world. To create this example, the civil society, private sector, and the state must join forces,” says,

Also, on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, Razom We Stand presented a video on the importance of the green transition. Oleksandra Matviychuk, Head of the Center for Civil Liberties and the first Peace Nobel Prize Laureate from Ukraine in 2022, noted the following: “Fossil fuels fund Putin’s bloody war machine and human rights abuses around the world. A clean energy revolution can prevent a climate catastrophe and protect human rights.”

Pavlo Vyshebaba, a sergeant, climate activist, head of the NGO “Unique Planet”, and a poet from the frontline, also called for speeding up joint efforts for the green transition.

“Today, I, together with hundreds of thousands of my comrades, are defending the independence of Ukraine, which will protect the whole world from war. The war was started by the dictator with profits from the export of fossil fuels, which he imposed on Europe and the world for decades. The final victory over Russia and its allies, democracy over totalitarianism, truth over lies, and light over darkness can only be guaranteed by a real revolution – a quick transition to renewable energy sources. Let’s do it for our children. Let’s give them a world without military and climate crises,” he emphasized.

RAZOM WE STAND is an organization that internationally demands a full and comprehensive embargo on Russian fossil fuels, a seizure of funds and assets of the Russian fossil fuel industry and their use as a source of funding for the green reconstruction of Ukraine This is an open informal platform for interaction of all actors working on solutions for energy independence of Ukraine and Europe, a transition to clean energy and countering Russia’s energy terror.

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