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Mining: MMC Engages Consultants on Minerals Processing for ASMs

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

The Minerals and Miners Centre, MMC have advanced negotiations with Mineral processing experts and Machinery Manufacturers in London after the Minerals and Miners Conference that took place alongside the Mines and Money Event. 

MMC Director, Dr Comfort Asokoro-Ogaji stated this in a recent interview in London, emphasizing that the concept of the MMC is to contribute to the ongoing efforts by other stakeholders to ensure home-based junior mining companies and artisanal miners get involved directly in mineral processing operations and get trained in the process through the mentorship and internship program ongoing for the year.

She said”The MMC models are private sector driven and embrace a sustainable approach to the sector activities through skills transfer from partners and sector experts. 

By the grace of God, MMC will be in China in a few months to execute agreements with machinery manufacturers. The terms are pro-Africa based on our models at MMC”. 

She stated that the mentorship and internship program of MMC is intended to bridge the skills gap in the solid minerals sector.

“Industrialization is the fastest way to wealth and global relevance. Mineral beneficiation in-country is a winning approach as against the importation of Human Resources or exportation of Natural Resources. No country develops by exporting its raw commodities.”

She noted that the private sector remains the engine of economic growth as captured in the developmental policies and plans of Nigeria. We are driving the process riding on the enabling environment provided by the federal government ministries, agencies and the state governments.”

“The MMC approach is sensitive to social and environmental factors while ensuring economic goals are met for the companies and state governments we are working with.  

The companies we are working with are African owned and run by Africans with the support of experts from the United Kingdom and China in the area of machinery expertise, technical expertise, and Environmental Social and Corporate Governance! (ESG) standards and general peer review and advisory services culminating in commercial-scale mineral processing operations. 

The overall goal is to see more Nigerian involvement via employment generation, improved indigenous expertise for mineral processing and understanding of global mineral trade dynamics. 

Given the crucial importance of State Governments in the development of solid mineral resources in respective States across the country, MMC is working with few committed state governments towards value addition that will improve the sector.

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