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FCT: Igbo Group Demands Wike’s Apology Over Derogatory Comments

By Ruth Tene Natsa

The Chairman, Igbo Community Assembly, Apo, Abuja, Ositadinma Patrick Nwoye has called on the FCT Minister. Nyesom Wike to immediately apologize to the Igbos over alleged derogatory comments against the tribe, during the demolition of an Estate belonging to Prince Nicholas Chukwujekwu Ukachukwu in the Territory.

The Assembly also gave Mr. Nyesom Wike Seven (7) days ultimatum to issue a public apology to the Igbos or face the wrath of all Igbos and the gods of Igbo land.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja, Nwoye pointed out that Wike allegedly asked “why should an Igbo man be given such massive land, and that he had dealt with Igbos in Port Harcourt and will do the same here in Abuja”.

Nwoye stressed that such negative comments were not in the best interest of the Country, where there is an urgent need for peace and unity.

“It has come to our notice the alleged derogatory statement of the Minister of Federal Capital Territory Bar. Nyesome Ezenwo Wike, when he went to demolish the property of one of our Illustrious Sons, in the person of Hon. Evangelist Prince Nicholas Chukwujekwu Ukachukwu (MHR).

Such a derogatory statement is uncalled for and should not be swept under the carpet. Because we the Igbos are not commoners in this country Nigeria and the world at large. Which is why we have to address this world Press Conference to keep the records straight”.

“Wike should apologise to the Igbos for using the alleged derogating language.  That “why should an Igbo man be given such massive land and there and that he has dealt with Igbos in Port Harcourt that he will do same here in Abuja.  We want to remind him that Abuja is not Port Harcourt”.

On the demolition, Honorable Nwoye said that there was a court order stopping such demolition which the FCT Minister had violated.”We also want to ask Bar Nyesom Ezenwo Wike other fundamental questions on the said Asokoro land matter. Question No. 1. Was there a court order restraining the demolition? Question No. 2 If there was, why was it not obeyed”?

The Chief who alleged that Wike had stated that Judges were selling court orders insisted that he should apologize to the judiciary especially, considering that he is a lawyer.

“More importantly Bar Nyesom Wike, a lawyer is now telling Nigerians that judges are now selling court orders hmm. In a country where Nigerians relied on the judiciary in the last election. Bar Nyesom Wike should as a matter of urgency apologise to the judiciary.  Nigerians are fully aware that Bar. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is one of the highest beneficiaries of the Judiciary in Nigeria”. 

Nwoye presented copies of Ministerial approvals for the Asokoro Estate as well as copies of the court order preventing the demolition of the Estate. He told Nigerians that. ” There were no ministerial approvals for the said Asokoro land but with me here is a copy of the Ministerial approvals. He (Wike) is lying.  We also have copies of the court orders. We also have copies of proof of service to show that he was duly served”.

The Group described Wike’s action as mere intimidation, hatred and envy for the Igbos and called on President Bola Tinubu to call the Minister to order.

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