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COP28: Time Up To Deliver Climate Justice-Global Climate Justice Groups

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

The Global Climate Justice Group has reiterated the call for climate justice, stating the time is up.

In a statement signed by ActionAid International, Biofuelwatch, Climate Emergency Fund, Climate Justice Alliance, Friends of the Earth International, Oil Watch Africa and Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) among several others it stated that “COP28 is in overtime, but we are here to say—time’s up.

The statement read“Time’s up to spend hours upon hours “taking stock”, “Time’s up to deliver the fast, fair, funded, false solutions-free fossil fuel phase-out—of all fossil fuels—alongside the needed finance and technology for implementation, and without the use of adjectives like ‘unabated’ that masks the intent to ramp up fossil fuels”.

It added that“Time’s up to announce the long overdue delivery of climate finance that those on the frontlines are owed. Finance that is public, community-controlled, and in line with each government’s fair share of climate action. There’s no point having ambition and setting lofty targets without a means for implementation for the Global South”.

“Time’s up for Global North governments like the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Norway, Japan, and Australia to cease their climate bullying while proclaiming themselves climate champions, and to stop denying doing their fair share of climate action as the actors that are overwhelmingly responsible for the climate crisis.”

“Time’s up to reject dangerous distractions and false solutions that are unproven, risky, do not meaningfully reduce emissions, cause great harm, and delay the needed end to the fossil fuel age. No more carbon markets, offsets, geo-engineering, nature-based solutions, nuclear, carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen—all of which continue to enable the extractivist, racist, colonial, capitalist system that has perpetuated the climate crisis.”

“Time’s up to finally enact just transitions that meet the urgent needs of the Global South and respect workers rights. A just transition that does not take into account historical responsibilities means nothing”.

“Time’s up for Big Polluters, including the fossil fuel industry and industrial agriculture, to no longer be given the pen to write the rules of climate action, or the power to bankroll these talks and manipulate what happens here. We can no longer allow this process to be poisoned from the inside with Big Polluters’ profit and greed-driven motive.”

“Time’s up on the complicit silence of the world while not far from Dubai, children, women, elderly, and men are being murdered by heinous acts of crimes against humanity, enabled by the same Global North actors that are here blocking every meaningful outcome these talks could and must deliver. We are over having to shout reminders that there is no climate justice without human rights and no climate justice on occupied land. “

The Group stressed there is no more time for delaying and stalling. There is now only time for acting—urgently, fairly, and justly, adding that a  phaseout is useless without the tools needed to achieve it. Climate action is pointless if it condemns billions to death and destruction.

As we sit in the now nearly empty halls of COP28 in Dubai, we are shut out, silenced, and left in the dark, even though it is many of our communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis that will be most directly impacted by what those in these halls do or do not, deliver.  

“But we know enough from what we have witnessed play out over the past two weeks during this round of UN climate talks to guess what is underfoot. We know enough from having attended 28 COPs, all of which have failed to deliver the action needed to curb global emissions to Real Zero and implement a just transition along with the needed climate finance. We know enough, because we travel from around the world every year to stand for justice and to resist, while those in power, the political elite, and polluting corporations use this process to orchestrate their ‘get out of jail free’ card”

The Group further alleged that the Global North as perpetrators of the climate crisis are painting themselves as the victims trying to deliver a package here in Dubai. But what good is a package of false solutions, empty finance, and meaningless promises? COP28, now in overtime, risks setting a death trap for communities around the world.

Climate Justice Now.  

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