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COP27: Campaigners Insist On Defunding Fossil Fuel Industry To End Ukraine War

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Nigeria

Razom We Stand, a grassroots organization is calling on global leaders to guarantee future peace in Europe by defunding the fossil fuel industry, especially in Russia

The Campaigners who are also calling for a green rebuilding of post-war Ukraine, made the call while reacting to the opening speeches of world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit Conference of Parties (COP27), in Egypt.

Activists argue that aligning plans for Ukraine’s recovery after Russian aggression with the European Green Deal and decarbonization goals will create a global showcase of development that respects social and climate justice. Razom We Stand calls to direct the reconstruction efforts at autonomy from imported fossil fuels and launch a rapid and radical renewable energy transition in all sectors of Ukraine’s economy to achieve energy independence and secure a fossil-free future for all of Europe.

According to the Founder and Director of Razom We Stand Svitlana Romanko, “Ukraine’s green reconstruction and the associated mobilization of infrastructure funds is the unique chance for Europe and the world to step up and actively develop energy efficiency measures, phase out fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy sources.

Director,Razom We Stand, Svitlana Romanko

This is a chance to build a free, united, strong, and prosperous world – starting from support for Ukraine’s rise from the ashes of the war. We are addressing today the leaders assembled at COP27, and insist that action must be taken now.” She said

Germany, climate justice activist and author of ‘beginning to End the Climate Crisis: A History of Our Future, Luisa Neubauer opines that “Germany is the prime example of how addiction to fossil fuels, wars, and the climate crisis are interconnected. There is no security for anyone, not even in the most privileged parts of the world like Western Europe, as long as the dependency on fossil fuels and its autocrats are ended.”

In the midst of massive ongoing Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian civilian energy infrastructure, activists are also demanding from the EU and the world to effectively enforce the embargo on Russian fossil fuels, support an immediate global oil price cap that was principally agreed upon by G7 finance ministers in September, and unblock massive investments in the development of renewables and energy efficiency.

Executive Director NGO Ekoltava, Board Member Ukrainian Climate Network, Yuliya Melnyk (Pashkovska), is of the view that “All countries must match their energy policies with climate action by removing barriers for energy transition and enabling the renewable energy revolution. All public finance should be directed into renewables and energy efficiency with a full ban on any public investment into new fossil fuel infrastructure. This applies to Ukraine’s reconstruction, which must be green and create a global showcase of a decarbonized economy.”

Senior Campaigner, Global Witness, Louis Wilson alleged that “The fossil fuel industry is complicit in the war in Ukraine. Oil majors have funded and fueled Putin’s war crimes. To end the war & accelerate the energy transition European governments must ban the trade of Russian fossil fuels & divert any profits made from this blood oil to the reconstruction of Ukraine”

Razom We Stand is a grassroots organization calling for a total and permanent embargo on Russian fossil fuels and an immediate end to all investment into Russian oil and gas companies. We seek to build momentum for a redesign of the global economy, with a new clean energy plan based on renewables, freedom from petro-dictators, and the complete phase-out of fossil fuels to create a more prosperous and peaceful future for Ukraine and the whole world. We act together to end fossil-fueled conflicts and climate chaos, and drive the clean energy revolution in Ukraine and globally says Razom We Stand, Senior Communications Manager, Jason Kirkpatrick

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