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COP 27 Failed To Address Root of Climate Crisis, Group Cries Out

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

Civil Society Organisations on the Platform of Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty have said for the 27th time, the UN climate talks have failed to directly address the biggest driver of the climate crisis

These drivers they said include the production of gas, oil, and coal. This is despite newfound momentum amongst world leaders who have called for the phase-out of all fossil fuels inside the conference walls and beyond.

The Initiative noted that while the agreement to establish a loss and damage fund represents immense progress for vulnerable nations who have been calling for finance to address the impacts of climate change for many years, this win is bittersweet a statement by Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, Senior Communications Associate, Viviana Varin stated

They added that the failure to address the root cause of loss and damage by agreeing to phase out oil, gas, and coal will mean more loss and damage in the future.

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, Executive Director Alex Rafalowicz, said: “This COP has been stuck in slow motion on addressing fossil fuels when in the real world the climate crisis has shifted to hyper speed.

“There were more lobbyists from coal, oil, and gas companies than there were delegates from Pacific Islands, which explains why the urgent call from Tuvalu and Vanuatu for a phase-out of all fossil fuels was ignored and loopholes in the favor of industry were adopted.

She added that these UN conferences could only ignore the reality for so long, further stating that already Indigenous nations, countries like Colombia, cities, the private sector, and millions of people are planning for the shift of coal, oil, and gas to a clean energy future. In the coming year, the call for a new international treaty focused on the fast and fair shift off fossil fuels will only intensify.”

Director of Power Shift Africa, Mohamed Adow, said: “It’s sad to see countries just copying and pasting the outcome from last year’s COP26 in Glasgow. It’s deeply saddening that countries couldn’t agree to commit to a phase-down of all fossil fuels, not just coal, as contained in the Glasgow Pact. The science is clear, the impacts are getting worse and we know that renewables are the future. Polluting countries need to leave coal, oil, and gas in the ground if we’re going to keep global heating from running out of control.”

“The lack of progress, and in cases weakening of language, on fossil fuels since last year’s Glasgow Climate Pact means a whole year of progress lost while the urgency for action accelerates. It instead strengthens the case for countries to join Vanuatu and Tuvalu in negotiating a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty — a proposed international mechanism that would see countries end the expansion of fossil fuels and manage a global just transition away from coal, oil, and gas” He added.

In his view, Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines, Mitzi Jonelle Tan, stated that “We have always known that the COP would not deliver what we really need to address the climate crisis, and unfortunately we’ve been proven right. Instead of planning to phase out all fossil fuels through a just transition, most governments are talking about buying and selling imaginary carbon units. We need to refocus on what really matters – making sure we keep the fossil fuels in the ground.”

The world is on track to produce more than double the fossil fuels that are compatible with a 1.5°C target. The fossil fuel industry is also earning 11-figure profits from this addiction while households struggle to afford basic needs and over 1 billion people live with almost no modern energy. Africa alone is home to 600 million people without access to electricity.

Ina Maria Shikongo, FFF Namibia, #SaveTheOkavango, stated that “While the COP decision emphasizes a ‘scaling-up’ on renewable energy, its failure to include an unabated call for phasing out all fossil fuels means this is no more than a mediocre cut and past of what was agreed last year in Glasgow. The global fossil fuel energy crisis is resulting in a renewed scramble for Africa, and its fossil gas – bad news for every single country on the planet.

Osver Polo, Movimiento Ciudadano Frente al Cambio Climático, said: “This COP is another failure that demonstrates the limits of this negotiating space to address the root cause of the climate crisis – fossil fuel production – and put in place solutions – clear financial support to the most impacted countries and investments in renewables.

Dean Bhekumuzi Bhebhe, Campaigns Lead for Power Shift Africa, said: “COP27 reiterates the long history of colonial exploitation of Africa. It served the fossil fuel industry and government elites to cement new pacts to continue to reap ever more indecent profits. As long as Global North countries avoid cooperating and instead continue to feed the climate threat, no just transition is possible, neither for Africa nor for the planet.”

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