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Clean Energy Group Demands Austria Commitments To Support Ukraine

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

Ukrainian campaigning group Razom We Stand has called on the Austrian government to turn words into action and immediately act to tighten and fully enforce the full and transparent embargo on Russian fossil fuels.

The Group made the call while reacting to Ukrainian President Zelensky yesterday who stated to the Austrian Council: “One cannot be morally neutral towards evil”.

The Group said this action is needed to fulfill the need of drying up the funds for Putin’s war machine, and also helping to solve the climate crisis. This month urgent climate recommendations were released in the UN IPCC scientific report, which called for immediate reductions of fossil fuels, which are preventing the world from reaching the 1.5c global warming maximum as stated in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Director of Ukrainian organization Razom We Stand, Svitlana Romanko, , stated that “Austria has committed again and again to support Ukraine, yet today President Zelensky made it clear that these commitments must be turned into more action, to end the Russian evil of their attack on my innocent country.

People in my country are suffering horrendous violence, and war crimes, which are financed by tax money paid to Russia, including from Austrian companies. Raiffeisen Bank International, OMV, and Schoeller-Bleckmann, are all companies in Austria that must immediately stop their bloody collaborating with Russia, raising funds for bullets and bombs used to kill Ukrainians.

We demand that the Austrian government act now to stop all financial support for Russia coming from within Austria for peace and energy security in Ukraine and the EU.”

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