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Activists Call for Ban on Plastic to Protect Ocean Life

By Ruth Tene Natsa, Abuja

Activists on the platform of the Health of Mother Earth Foundation, HOMEF have called on the Nigerian government to promote the ban on the use of plastics as a means to protect and preserve ocean life

HOMEFs Executive Director, Dr. Nnimmo Bassey today made the call while fielding questions during a virtual Media roundtable on strengthening marine policies, and human and ocean rights.

According to Dr. Bassey, Governments lack the political will to outlaw plastic, rather choosing to protect producers and other industrial users who pollute the ocean

Governments that have the political will have banned the use of singular plastic bags, such as Sudan among others, rather they chose the use of reusable bags for their shopping, thereby saving the daily pollution’s we see on our oceans and environment.

Noting that everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment and thereby regulating the climate, Nnimmo charged Governments, Oil Companies, Civil Society organisations, and the Media to seat up to the responsibilities of protecting the environment.

Earlier, HOMEFs, Media/ Communication Lead, Kome Odhomor in her presentation, themed ‘  Advocating for the Ocean, the Role of the Media’ said threats to the Ocean include Industrial waste pollution, ocean encroachment, oil dredging, indiscriminate waste dump, and indiscriminate fishing among others all contribute to polluting the Ocean.

She said to protect the ocean and the environment at large there was a need to conserve water, reduce pollution, shop wisely to avoid waste, and also fish responsibly.

She further charged civil societies to speak out to the media to help amplify their voices, donate their time, talent and treasure, become climate voters, and report negative activities as a means to preserve the environment and the Ocean.

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