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Expert Proffers Solution To Security Challenges In The Country 
By Austin Alfa,  Lokoja 
The Director of Otiyeke Universal Security outfit,  a private security organization based in Lokoja, Kogi State, Mr Adams Abuh ADIS/SSS (rtd), has advocated complete dismantling of all tinted glasses and removing all the covered number plates of vehicles as one of the measures to be adopted in checkmating insecurity. 

Adams, who was speaking to our correspondent in a chat, in Lokoja, yesterday on the issue of security lapses in the country as worrisome stated that, until the measure of controlling illegality is ascertained, when the law banning private individuals from tinting glasses and covering the number plates of the vehicles are put into force, it will be difficult to control influx of illegal arms. 

According to Adams most of the para-military staff carrying arms without proper training on arms, is dangerous to the society, especially now that hoodlums are now armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons posing dangerous trend to the society.

He maintained that duplication of uniforms by security heirachy in the society has become a serious danger now as people can no longer identify properly constituted security operatives who are liscensed to carry arms and ammunition and those who are mere charlatans parading themselves around with reckless abandon. 
"Wearing of overall outfit to cover official uniforms and tying bandana round the neck to cover uniforms and names should be discouraged for people to know who the security operatives following personalities or enforcing laws in the society, are".

"There has been a standing law banning tinted windows and covering vehicle number plates by private individuals, how suddenly the law caved in and crashed, allowing all manner of people using tinted windows and covered number plates has rather been imagined than real, " he noted. 

Adams who said that most politicians are law breakers and do not allow law to take its rightful course in the country, pointed out that the very people who are crying about insecurity in the country today are the perpetrators of the crime and claim to be above the law. 

He admonishes the law enforcement agencies in the country to embark on dismantling those things that enhances security challenges as; tinted windows, covered vehicle numbers unregistered number plates,  stating that most of those hidden in the tinted windows have questions to answer. 

Asking rethoeical questions, where have over 6 million alleged arms and ammunition have gone to, Adams said a lot needs to be done to ensure those ammunition are retrieved from wherever it had gone to or we should consider we are seating on keg of gun powder.

“It’s a well known facts about the approval of the state government vehicles that are supposed to be tinted and with covered number plates but the scandalous display of statue not acquired nor merited by some individuals should be checkmated,” Adams advocated. 

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